Emily Roberts


In her own words

I was born and raised working on a peach farm in a small South Carolina town where I learned the values of hard work and customer service. Playing college basketball and then coaching in college gave me the opportunity to use my competitive mindset to advocate for those I work with. I know that I can bring the many facets of my life together to make your home-buying experience an amazing, enjoyable, and successful one, whether you are buying your first home or your fifth.

Guiding families and individuals through the often complicated and challenging process of finding a home that will bring them pleasure, pride, and security brings me great joy. This life experience should be enjoyed and celebrated, and I'm excited to join you in forming a winning team!

We strive to be champions here at 501 Reality, working tirelessly and fiercely for each client. I am proud to offer our clients the advantages that 501 Realty provides. I am here to serve and care for your wants and needs; my clients are like my family.

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